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Fading Out

I hope you enjoy your stay here. This is a personal site. What you'll read here, is my personal view on things as they are. It kinda reflects how I feel right now.

When you read something on my site and you'd really want to contact me about it, please send me an email. Also contributions to this site would be welcome in my emailbox. Of course I'll give credit to whom is credit due. Don't hesitate to send me any of your drawings, poems or any other art you would like to publish here. Also links to your own or to other websites are welcome.

But, what I would really like, is to place your story on this site. In my life I have noticed that it can be such a relief to read that you're not the only one with such feelings or thoughts. Your story can help somebody else!

When you would like to give the visitors of this site the opportunity to contact you about your story, your art, your poems or any other contribution, please write that in your email to me.

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